About Me

There are lots of things which I have experienced in my career, starting from an Amature Photographer to a Fully Equipped Professional Photographer.

It's a true saying that it takes time to develop one's skills in a particular field, at the starting nobody is perfect, nor has experience, he makes mistakes, but as the time goes all things settle down, he learns and stops making mistakes, gain experience and by this way he has cracked the way to learn the art called photography.

I started my career in my Mid 20's, there were lots of things to choose from, first I had joined my dad's business, but photography was the thing which I had a craze for, so I requested my dad to fund me to buy a camera and this way I started my photographic career.

I now have lots of experience in this field and I know each and every aspect in & out of it. I have a philosophy, that my client should get what they are expecting from me, and I try my best to fulfill their expectations. I just want my clients to have a faith in me, If my clients are happy then it makes me think that I have achieved something, so I give my best.

You can visit my service page to know all the services offered by me.

My Equipments






1. Photo And Video Cameras

We have a good collection of Professional Photo and Video camera which guarantees an outstanding quality that gives a magical touch to the events.

2. Live Video Mixer & Multi Camera Setup

We have other Equipments such as Live Video Mixer which provides a Simultaneous switching of video from different angles. The best example of it is a Live Cricket Match or any Live Telecast, which provides view to the screen from different Video Camera placed at different Angles.

3. Direct Audio

We also provide a Direct audio of the Live event into the video, so you get an optimal quality of audio without any disturbance from the surrounding.

4. LCD & LED Screens

We are masters in setting up LCD & LED Screens for various events. We also provide various sizes of LCD & LED Screens according to the events.

5. Professional Crane Camera

A Professional Crane Camera generally known as Jimmy Jib Crane is used to shoot video at a height above the ground.
Note: Professional Crane can only be used according to the event place configuration ie. Size of the event place. Contact for more details.

6. Helicam

Helicam is a remote-controlled mini helicopter which flies above the ground to get a video footage from the camera fitted in it. It is just like a Professional Crane, the only difference is that it is wireless, portable and small in size.
Note: Helicame can only be used according to the event place configuration ie. Size of the event place. Contact for more details.

7. Instant Photo

We also have Equipments which provide instant print of the photos which are clicked in the studio setup, this photos can be given to the guest which they can take away with them as a memory of the event.